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Whiz - Sales

  • This is a tool which improves your organizations productivity and thus profitability.

    Whiz-Sales is one of a kind web-based solution for manufacturers and distributors. It is the result of our thorough research and our collaboration with domain experts. Whiz-Sales assist companies in streamlining their Quote & Order process. This results in accuracy in product pricing and shortened delivery time.

  • Whiz - SCM

  • Whiz-SCM - Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management ERP

    Whiz - SCM is a result of our extensive research and development efforts on manufacturing industries. It’s a unique ERP solution specially designed for manufacturing companies. With WHIZ-SCM in your organization, you would be able to efficiently manage all of your manufacturing operations. It will let you procure raw materials, maintain its inventory, plan and execute production, maintain customer sales orders, pick & ship orders out to customer and create and print invoices and much more. Being a web based solution, this information could be accessed anytime, anywhere.